5 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your RV

5 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your RV
By John Bell Carey |

Planning to hit the road this Christmas with your family? Surely, you would want to add some holiday cheer to your rolling home. From using ribbons and bows on the walls to hanging light chains around the windows, and from sprucing up the living space with a decorative Christmas tree to putting up a pair of stuffed reindeer on the roof, there are plenty of ways to transform your diesel RV into a Christmas wonderland.

1. Use DIY Decors

There are two benefits of using homemade decor in your RV. First, they help you add a personal touch to your rig. Plus, they can help you change the look and feel of your coach on a limited budget. When the celebration is over, you can present these DIY décor items to your RV-er friends.

2. Light Up With Candles

Your Christmas decoration will never be complete without candles. You can buy a set of Christmas calendar candles. Start burning them from the first day of December and every day they will remind you about the upcoming festival.

Buying LED lights is an excellent idea to decorate your RV. Colorful LEDs cost $10-$20. They run on extremely low energy. A lighted spiral tree can take your décor to a new height. If you are considering a boondocking adventure during the Christmas, battery-saving LED lights be an ideal décor choice for you.

3. Use Synthetic Garlands, Wreaths And Bells

Garlands add festive charms to the interior of your motor home. Opt for synthetic items if you cannot come by fresh garlands while traveling. You can get these bright décor pieces at a reasonable price. Coming with flexible linings, they can fit any door or cabinet irrespective of their sizes.

Another easy way to give your RV doors a lift is using wreaths. Use different sizes of ornamental bands for different corners of your coach. You can use towel hangers to suspend these decorative rings from door or window frames. You can use wreaths to decorate the front side of your rolling home, too. But, you will need a 3M hook for attaching a wreath there. Don’t forget the door handles; give them a makeover with Christmas bells.

4. Spruce up the Décor With Mini- Trees and Tree-Trimmings

Of course, your RV cannot accommodate large Christmas trees, but it does have some space for tree-trimming. You will get plenty of these leftover branches at any hardware stores at little or no cost. Place them in a vase to create a cheerful ambiance. Mini-trees are another fun items that can help you jazz up the interior of your motor home. Some varieties such as mini-rosemary or mini-pine would not cost you more than $15. To add more charm, hang few ornaments from the mini-trees. The metal, wooden or handcrafted ornaments look great in RVs. Opt for durable and easy-to-store pieces so that you can use them for a longer time.

5. Add Decals to the Windows

Putting decals on the windows is an easy way to spice up the look and feel of your RV instantly. Add images of Santa Claus or Christmas elves to set the festive mood in your rig. Decals are a one-time investment. When you store them properly, you can use them over and over for several years.

Spending Christmas on the road does not mean that you will have to miss the festive fun. Get into the holiday spirit by decorating your diesel RV for Christmas. We have just told you how.

John Bell Carey is an avid traveler and blogger with an extensive real time experience of dealing with Used Class A Motorhomes for Sale.He loves to write about his traveling experiences and the RV lifestyle. Besides being a travel enthusiast, he also offers tips on a variety of topics including health, technology, real estate, pet care, and many more.


Read About the Basic Difference Between RV and Trailers

Read About the Basic Difference Between RV and Trailers
By Sooraj Surendran |

The RV travel Trailers were established in the year 1920, trailing behind regular vehicles. Such trailers were used mainly for accommodation. Hence, they are very small as compared to a recreational vehicle. However, over the years, such trailers have changed their shape, size and amenities. The basic difference between a recreational vehicle and a trailer is that the former has multiple compartments used for traveling all over the world. It comes with a living room, bedroom, and kitchen and bath room. However, a travel trailer is small in size and is often fitted with just a sleeping compartment. It would basically accommodate two people; however the larger ones can accommodate a group of friends etc.

The recent new arrivals in the recreational vehicles are equipped with many amenities, which enable them to serve as a motor home or hotels. Due to the larger size and the multiple functions, the “RV” requires greater maintenance as compared to the travel trailer. Visiting different places across the world is such an interesting experience. Though there are many modern infrastructures like malls and theme parks for people to relax and chill out, camping trips and nature trip seems to be the best preferred means of leisure for many. While traveling it is perfect idea to use a camper trailer. With the help of such camper trailer, it is very easy to go for a short trip; as such recreational vehicle is preferred for a few days trip like a weekend get together.

Apart from convenience, it provides ample protection and security for the people who travel. They cannot be easily accessed by any of the wild animals while on the camp site or park. The protection and the security of the people traveling are very important. Hence it would be a very good decision to use such campo trailers, as it fulfills the requirements of a worry-free trip. The recreational vehicles have become more popular in many countries, as people prefer to get away from their stressful work environment. The advantage of using a RV is that you can cook your own meal, as you have all the utensils, refrigerator, cooking stove, oven etc.

Apart from this, you also get to sleep in a comfortable bed and feel like, at home. Another important advantage of an RV is that, it saves a lot of money for you. You could save hundreds of dollars annually from dining out and from hotel bills. You could either opt for a brand new RV or the used RV, based on your needs and preferences. You could as well rent out the same in some of the major cities and tourist spots.

My Love For Travel…

My Love For Travel…
By Marcella Simmons

Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies in addition to writing and spending time with my family. Now that all my children are grown (I think they are! lol), I spend as much time with their children as I did with them or at least I try to.

Several times a year, we take a trip somewhere. My love and passion for traveling didn’t just start when I got grown. Somewhere in the growing up process, my yearning for traveling just grew with me and one day, budded into a fulltime hobby. I was born to ramble!

Because of my love for travel I purchased a popup camper to pull behind so that we can travel in style. To get a feel for it would be like, I spent the weekend in it in the backyard. My three grandsons spent the night with me and we experienced camper life for the first time. We loved it. Since then I started searching for lightweight items and things that will make our stay more comfortable. My little camper is named “Ramblin’ Camper!”

When I was a little girl, I use to love Social Studies at school. Studying about many different parts of the world and the history of how people lived intrigued me, which probably shaped me the way I am today. Going on vacation is a lot of fun but it also affords me the luxury of going to new and exotic places and meeting new people. All in all, if someone says, ‘Ready to go?’, you can bet you’ll see me, bags packed and ready. My bags stay packed!

I have been traveling to various places since the early 90’s and love every minute of it.

You might think we’re gypsies because we don’t mind pulling off somewhere in a safe spot under a tree and having a family picnic. That’s the fun of it! People pass by and smile – I just wish I knew what they were thinking. Oh sure, we can afford a hamburger and fries once in awhile but we prefer sitting together and enjoying each other’s company in our own little world. So if you happen by us one day just chillin’ under a tree, think nothing of it. It’s a family thing!

We’ll see you on the road!

5 Essential Camping Tips and Tricks For First-Timers

5 Essential Camping Tips and Tricks For First-Timers
By Daniel J. Smith |

Planning a trip with hotel accommodations can be quite a handful, what more if you’re planning a camping trip for the first time? It may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry – with the right approach, the entire trip, from start to finish, will be smooth-sailing. Just remember to enjoy yourself, because it’s not going to be the last.

Here are 5 essential camping tips and tricks for first-timers:

Do as much research as you can beforehand

When choosing your camp site, it is vital that you learn everything about it. Do you need to book in advance? Do they allow pets? Do they have space for camper vans or just tents? What amenities do they offer? It is most ideal to check their website and make a phone call to make sure that all your inquiries are properly answered. It is also a good idea to check out online reviews.

Observe the weather

Check the weather forecasts frequently in the days leading up to your trip. You don’t just want to assume that the weather will be good, plan out your itinerary for the day and find out you can’t do any of it because of the rain. Weather is unpredictable so it’s best to pack extra blankets, more clothing and some rain gear. Also plan out doable activities that can be enjoyed in any type of weather.

Make a check list of essential things to bring

Don’t worry about over packing, it’s your first time after all. You’ll learn how to pack light as your camping experience grows. In the meantime, stick to a check list. Apart from camping gear, food and water, don’t forget important things like toiletries, utensils, medicines etc. Always bring extra everything. Experts also advise trying your gear at home first to make sure everything works fine.

Prepare for the long drive

Aside from the camp grounds, you’ll also be spending a lot of time in the car on your way. It doesn’t have to be a drag, it can also be an enjoyable time. Prepare your favourite music, play games in the car, have food and snacks ready.

Enjoy yourself

The most important thing is to enjoy camping. Don’t stick to a strict itinerary – go with the flow. Things are unpredictable outdoors and you’d just get disappointed if things didn’t go as planned.

These essential camping tips and tricks are ideal for beginners such as yourself!

Daniel J. Smith is a survival expert. Having lived the outdoor life since he was very young, he loves sharing his expertise about camping, hiking, traveling, RV living and many more. He has also started his own company called OutBright, which will soon be selling products that cater to campers, hikers, travellers and all outdoor-loving adventurers.

Camping Tips In Summer

Camping Tips In Summer
By Solhim Lohan |

Are you afraid to hit the woods or the caravan park, because it is summer? If yes, kiss the fear goodbye, because right here, you will encounter some breathtaking tips that will aid your camping in summer, and if you are unsure leaving out yourself is not an option, for the tips will be good for you, in augmenting your summer camping preparations.

Anyway, my point is, you will stop at nothing in your quest of engaging nature with the following tips for camping in summer.

Tips for camping in the summer

Get a suitable summer tent: A one, two or three season tent is highly suitable for summer however; they cannot withstand heavy rainfall which anyway, rarely occurs during this period. These tents are light in weight and relatively cheap. You can bring tent fans, it provides refreshing to your camping trip.

Bring along enough water: It is imperative you stay hydrated, so bringing along large volume of water will do the magic to prevent dehydration.

Dehydration occurs when you lose or use up some fluids in the body thus, lead to severe health issues such as urinary and kidney problems, heat stroke and even shock- which can lead to death.

Dehydration tends to increase in the summer compare to other seasons. Therefore taking enough water in the summer period is highly essential. Apart from drinking, you can as well make provision for water that will take care of your cooking and bathing.

Mind the camp fire: The temperature during the summer can make the camp fire go wild, and that is the main reason camp fires are restricted in some parks and forest reserves during the summer. So be precautious when lighten the camp fire, provided it is allowed in your camp site.

Bring along insect repellant: The flies and mosquitoes are never your good neighbors especially in the outdoor, the summer season inclusive. So bringing along your insect repellant is important to curb the menace of these insects. You might as well consider taking along net to limit the nuisances of the bugs.

Bring along first aid kit: Camping in respective of season demands bringing along first aid kit. Your first aid kit should contain materials such as antibiotic spray, bug spray, ointment for bee bites, flexible gauze, bandages, clean towel, scissors and Benadryl.

Sun screen: You need to go along with sun screen for protection against sunburn, melanoma and skin cancer, and it persistent use, will also prevent wrinkles and moles.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses is your top most companions under the sun as well as nice summer hat.

Keep your food cold and drink: Food gets spoilt easily during the summer and you wouldn’t want to be drinking a hot drink under the sun as well, it does not go well.

So keeping your foods and drinks cold should be one of your concerns when camping in the summer.

Keep your environment clean: It is imperative you keep your environment clean always and utilizing the dust bin will go a long way in making the environment clean.

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